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Software & Firmware Download

Pro DJ Equipment

Dear CDJ-350/CDJ-350-W Customer

Before download the firmware

Please download the firmware from this web page and use a USB memory.

  • Please double-check that your product is applicable.
    Updating with the wrong firmware may cause your unit to malfunction.
  • All responsibility for downloading, updating and using the firmware lies with the customer.
  • Only the user of this product should use this software.
    It may not be reproduced or transferred or loaned for commercial purposes by any third party.
    This software may not be adapted, translated, reverse engineered, reverse compiled, reverse assembled, altered or revised in any way.
  • If an error is made in updating, the circumstances may require repairs to be made.
    In such case, the repairs will be charged for, even if the unit is still in the warranty period.
  • Please refrain from providing the information made public on this site as well as the program supplied to anyone who intends to use it for any purpose that presents an impediment to international peace and/or security;
    similarly, please refrain from such usage yourself. Furthermore, if the product is to be exported, please first check on the regulations of the foreign exchange and foreign trade laws, as well as all export related laws and regulations of the foreign country, such as US export control regulations, and then follow the necessary procedures.
    Please note that when accessed from outside of Japan, you may not be able to use the site.
  • No guarantee is made that this software is free of flaws. Make absolutely certain that the file you download is for the model that you are updating.