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MIDI Mapping File for TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2 download

Please use MIDI Mapping file in this page when you use CDJ-350/CDJ-350-W as a controller for "TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2" supported by Native Instruments.


*The company makes no warranty whatsoever regarding damages caused by the download or installation of this MIDI mapping file. No warranties are provided regarding the operation of this widget.
*Users download, install, and use this MIDI mapping file at their own risk.
*The specifications of this widget may be changed without prior notice.
*Please note that services related to this MIDI mapping file may be ended without prior notice.

Applicable Model

CDJ-350/CDJ-350-W : When you use CDJ-350/CDJ-350-W as a controller for "TRAKTOR PRO/PRO 2"

  MIDI Mapping File
File Name


File Size 37.84KB(37,838bytes)
Change History

Ver.1.00 -> Ver.1.01(October 25,2010 Update)

Improved CDJ-350 JOG usability(Scratch/Tempo Bend) in TRAKTOR Control.

Connection Guide

*Please read connection guide here.

Connection Guide