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Application support & guide

The CarSoundFit application simulates the sound quality difference when prefitted speaker is replaced to "pioneer speaker".

■ Sound characteristics

This app simulates in-car sound when Pioneer speakers are installed into vehicles.
You can experience a difference with originally fitted speakers and Pioneer speakers.

■ About listening

Recommend to listen with over ear headphones. Simulation will be more accurate by preventing an external influence.

■ OS

iOS 10.0 or over

※Pioneer speakers which you chose are an example for installable speakers.
Please confirm compatibility and actual installation work with the conformity guide or a nearby dealer.

How to Use

■ Playback screen

1 Help Button
Display operation explanation for playback

2 Share Button
You can share the DL link of the CarSoundFit application

3 Menu Button
Display Terms of use and the License

4 Vehicle selection button
Display vehicle selection and vehicle type selection

5 Speaker selection button
Display speaker selection

6 Subwoofer selection button
Display subwoofer selection

7 Play / Stop button
Switch playing and stopping music

8 Song selection button
Display song selection

9 Playback changeover button of speaker system
Switch the speaker system to be played

■ Song selection screen

1 Close button
Close the music selection screen

2 Play / stop button
Play / stop switch

3 My library display button
Show songs from My Library

4 Preset song list

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q I can not select a song even if I tap "Go to Library" button
A1. When playing a song from My Library, you need to set the permission to access the library with the CarSoundFit application.
When you tap "Move to library" button, access confirmation is displayed. Please set access permission for the library.
If you select "Do not allow" in the access check, you can not select songs from My Library.

■When you can not select music
Please turn on the toggle of iOS "Settings" → "CarSoundFit" → "Media and Apple Music" and allow access to the library.
Q There is no desired car in the vehicle selection list
A2. If the car you want is not existig on the list, you can listen to the sound same vehicle type as your car. Please tap the "Vehicle type" tab placed on the top of the vehicle selection screen and choose the vehicle type is closest to your desired model.
Q I would like to know detailed information for products that can be installed
A3. For more information on the speaker please see the following WEB page.
Destination URL: Support

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