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Dear DDJ-S1 Customer

Driver Software Download

Driver Software Download

The driver software is for connecting a DDJ-S1 to a computer.
If you wish to download the software, you must first agree to content of the Software End User License Agreement.

Please also download the operating instruction and read thru it before installing the driver software.

DDJ-S1 : For Windows

  Driver Software
File Name Pioneer_DDJ_Driver_1.100.exe
File Size 991KB(1,015,204bytes)
Change History

Ver.1.001 -> Ver.1.100 (21 November, 2011 Updatej

Ver.1,100 supports DDJ-ERGO-V.
Three models, DDJ-T1 / DDJ-S1 / DDJ-ERGO-V are supported by this driver software.

Ver.1.001i18 August,2011 Updatej

Upload same Driver Software that is included in the product.

DDJ-S1 : For Mac OS

* Don't need this driver for Mac(Enable connection of standard driver)

Software End User License Agreement