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Dear DDJ-ERGO-V Customer

Thank you for purchasing a Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V, we hope that you are happy with your product.
This customer support site has been designed to provide you with downloadable firmware that will enrich your Pro DJ equipment / PC experience.

When you use the Setting File for "TRAKTOR PRO 2/DUO 2", you have to update your DDJ-ERGO-V's firmware as well. Please read "Using the Setting File for TRAKTOR PRO 2/DUO 2".

Applicable Model


Supported Content

1. Firmware   1 November, 2011 Release
2. Driver software  21 November, 2011 Release
3. TRAKTOR PRO 2/DUO 2 Setting file   1 November, 2011 Release

Driver Driver Traktor